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Our Products
Wigs, Hairpieces and Integrations
A Fitting Place caters to clients experiencing alopecia, female and male pattern baldness or any hair loss disorder with many alternatives 
to wearing a full cranial prosthetic or wig. A free consultation will help determine the best available hair loss alternative. The information provided is designed to help aid in the understanding of the process.

Women undergoing chemotherapy or complete hair loss require the comfort and coolness of a cranial prosthetic. A cranial prosthetic is a hair 
system designed specifically for those suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions. Cranial prosthesis are different than department store wigs in quality, performance and service. They come in a variety of styles and colors and can be custom cut and styled. Wigs and hair additions are worn for fashion and fun and are designed to go over hair, they lack the comfort needed to go over a bald head.

Wig Price Ranges:
Synthetic: $200 - $800
Wig Trim: $25.00
Human Hair: $800 - $2000
Wig Restoration: $60/hr.